Worker Terminated with Cause

|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/08/2011

An equipment operator employed since 1996 in a city’s waste collection and recycling section, J.O. was terminated for cause following a number of incidents that highlighted a mismatch between the management style of his supervisors and unusual aspects of J.O.’s personality makeup that also brought him into conflict with coworkers.

According to a psychological assessment that he undertook as a precondition to returning to work following a suspension, J.O. did not suffer from any personality disorder. However, he did have difficulty “fitting in.”

The psychologist said that J.O. could be awkward in social situations, found it difficult to assert himself and was inclined to avoid conflict. Though a conscientious and tolerant worker, J.O. was unable to communicate concerns directly to supervisors and coworkers and was likely to withdraw or act out when reprimanded or disciplined.