Excessive force unproven, termination not warranted

Fearing a lawsuit, the hospital fired a security guard who had left bruises after restraining a violent patient. However, his actions turned out to be consistent with his training and not an over-reaction.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 03/14/2011

Called to provide assistance at the psychiatric ward, a security officer was fired after the employer said that the officer had used excessive and inappropriate force when he assisted in moving a distressed patient to the Acute Care Unit.

A part-time, casual Security Officer (SO) at a health care facility, O.U. was called to give assistance at the psychiatric ward. O.U. and a number of other SOs responded.

Arriving on the scene, O.U. encountered a colleague on the nursing staff attempting verbal de-escalation techniques on a patient who was in distress. At that time, the patient was sitting in a chair in a hallway about 75 feet from the Acute Care Unit (ACU).